Our Values

Our values shape everything from our consulting style, to our recruitment strategies and professional development programs. We’re driven to be the best — and this is how we’re doing it.


Transform our clients’ Workday® journey through world-class, white-glove consulting and unmatched client partnership.


Spark innovation in the Workday ecosystem through outstanding service and thought leadership, while setting the industry standard for a purpose-driven, people-focused practice.


Exceed Expectations: We’re not just experts, we’re Workday nerds. We go above and beyond to deliver value to our clients, which means faster response times, flexible services, and every day excellence.

Client-centered: To us, “client care” is a verb. We promise to listen empathetically, collaborate obsessively, and offer solutions that are in your company’s long-term best interest.

Transparent: Great consulting is built on open communication and partnership. We earn client trust through our unparalleled integrity and our commitment to accounting for the time we bill, the choices we make, and the feedback we provide.

People-focused: We embrace the human behind the job title and know that great things happen when you combine exceptional talent with the autonomy + support needed to thrive.

Inclusive: Diversity is more than a business case to us. Altura is a minority-owned business with one of the most diverse teams in the ecosystem. We are committed to modeling industry-wide change through thought leadership and action in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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