Platform Optimization

Turning Insights Into Action

Workday® is an incredibly robust application with near-limitless features. However, many Workday customers go live without all the features they need and are functionality available. In some cases, the tools which garnered the greatest excitement while reviewing and selecting Workday are nowhere to be found at go-live, or if found, require configuration to make useful.

Altura supports you by helping to bridge that gap and ensure that there are no desired Workday features you’re living without. While most support services are inherently reactive, Altura’s Platform Optimization allows us to be proactive. We start by auditing your Workday application and conducting a health check. From there, we work with you to create a roadmap that supports an elevated Workday experience. When your application is optimized and your process is working efficiently, we can help your team become empowered by custom reporting and dashboards. Providing impactful insights will not only transform your organization but will help give you that leading edge.

Domingo of [Altura] is not only informative but concise. He sees his projects entirely through with impeccable communication and documentation. He is well acquainted with the Workday system and extremely knowledgeable on the different types of integrations that Workday supports. Not only has he helped my organization create new integrations, he has also helped us define more efficient methods in current integrations because our business process has evolved. He is comfortable enough in his craft to explain and articulate to any audience, the reasoning and best practice of each decision he makes. Our company will be working with [Altura Consulting] in the future.

– Application Admin, Real Estate
Dallas, TX – US

Health Checks & Audits

The first step to platform optimization is understanding the landscape of your application. Our team is made up of experts across every area of Workday and together, we’ve created a robust checklist of common implementation issues, and enhancements most clients benefits from, as well as a list of vital maintenance checks.

This health audit allows us to work with you to create a roadmap for your unique system. Not only will we address the issues we uncover, but we will also take proactive steps to ensure your Workday platform is operating at peak performance. If you begin an AMS engagement with Altura, an assessment of your tenant is our first step.

Knowledge Transfer & Training

While Workday and its implementation partners do provide platform training, the early timing and saturation of this knowledge during implementation can leave teams feeling less than prepared to use and optimize the application. Altura provides comprehensive knowledge transfer in a variety of ways including formal group training, one-on-one sessions, detailed documentation, and reference guides.

We provide training and knowledge transfer for Workday users at all levels, including power users within functional areas. We are also passionate about helping teams get the most out of reporting. The custom reporting and dashboards in Workday can be overwhelming at first glance. Our team will help you not only understand the data they present (and what it tells you) but how it represents your process. Equipping your team with tools and increasing Workday knowledge through every engagement is one of our core values.

On-site and remote training are available and always supported by formal documentation. We have also refined our remote training approach to support better learning and comprehension as we all handle shifting work dynamics.

Reports & Dashboards

Dashboards and reporting can be some of the most attractive features of Workday. However, it’s common to see these features fall by the wayside during implementation.

Altura is proud to offer a deep library of reports and dashboards that can help provide actionable insights and have been tested across hundreds of Workday environments. Beyond C-Suite users, our dashboards and reports are vital tools for operational teams, HR leadership, benefits partners, the management chain, and even employee-level team members.

These proprietary tools have been proven to function at the highest level, can be launched quickly, and provide a cost-effective alternative to totally custom dashboards and reports. We also offer report governance resources to ensure that your custom reports and dashboards are well maintained, operating efficiently, and do not needlessly clutter your Workday system.

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